Under-Floor Ventilation

The latest addition to the Plug&Cool family is an under-floor ventilation system, Plug&Cool Outdoor. Similar to most existing underfloor systems but with a range of additional features, Plug&Cool outdoor retains simplicity and functionality, all whilst keeping costs to the farmer at a minimum. Plug&Cool Outdoor is suited to new stores, new floors and silos that have the underground trenches and pipework already installed. The pedestal is positioned on a perforated steel base inside the store, secured by locking into a manhole chamber linked to a 200mm underground pipe. The pipe extends to the store’s exterior, where a 2.2kW Plug&Cool Outdoor fan extracts heat from the grain pile.


  • Twist 2 Lock Base. The twist-to-lock base is manufactured from galvanised steel and locks into an underfloor duct. The base is perforated to enable good airflow, reducing crop growth caused by moisture.
  • Pedestal Marker. The pedestal marker is held in place with support rings.
  • Grain Cap. The grain cap is fitted on top of the orange adaptor sleeve.
  • Rain Canopy. The 2.2kW aluminium fan has an IP upgraded electric motor with a rain canopy fitted on the fan cowl to protect the bearings from rain and adverse weather conditions.
Price £362.70

(£302.25 excluding VAT)