Plug&Cool® Rapeseed Pedestals

Please note the minimum order number for Pedestals is 2.

Manufactured in our UK warehouse, our new Plug&Cool® rapeseed pedestals have an impressive range of specifications. Built to make your life easier, they have standardised perforations. This keeps the air flowing equally and makes for more effective crop conditioning.

The perforations in the grain pedestals are 125mm x 3.5mm, so large enough that the air flows out smoothly, but not blocked by grain. Each rapeseed pedestal comes with an easy-to-install sleeve that fits perfectly around the pedestal base to prevent small grains from getting through the gaps.

  • Hardwearing polypropylene base to be used with Plug&Cool fans
  • 125mm x 3.5mm perforations, large enough to cool quickly but won’t be blocked by grain
  • Easy to move about but won’t be damaged by a bucket when moving the crop
  • 1.5m high, 450mm diameter orange base
  • 2m high black pipe
  • Dual adapter sleeve 150mm/200mm
  • Rapeseed sleeve included
  • 4m total height
  • CE tested

For more information on grain cooling, read the industry standards here.

We recommend spacing your pedestals at least 3 meters away from your barn walls, and then 6 meters apart from each other.

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