Plug&Cool Barn System

Everything you need to get started with our grain cooling range. This complete grain cooling system will help you manage the conditioning of your crops, whether it has come straight off the field or once it has been through a drier.

The grain cooling system has been built with farmers in mind, every part of the system is easy-to-use and quick to set-up. Saving you time and effort in that busy period post-harvest.

The system works by only turning on when the grain needs to be cooled, as it measures the temperature in the store as well as in the grain pile. By pulling hot air out and drawing the cool air in, it only cools the grain when it is the perfect time to do so.

To redeem our 5-year warranty you must use a starter, otherwise the warranty will be void.

System contains:

1x Control Panel
1x Wireless Probe
4x 1.1kw Aluminium Fans
4x Starters
4x  10m Extension Cables
4x Plug&Cool® Pedestals

We recommend this product be installed by a qualified electrician.

For more information on grain cooling, read the industry standards here.



(£7,400.00 including VAT)