Airspear® Fan

The 130w fan is just for use with our aeration grain spear, the Plug&Cool® Airspear®. Small but powerful, this grain spear fan will banish any hotspots you find in your grain pile.

The fan fits perfectly on our Airspear® thanks to the tapered spigot. This helps maximise airflow as no air is lost at any point.

To redeem our 5-year warranty you must use a starter, otherwise the warranty will be void.

For more information on grain cooling, read the industry standards here.

Price £254.38

(£211.98 excluding VAT)

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General Information

General Information

• Only 6kg, lightweight and easy to move around
• Inexpensive to run
• Extra quick grain cooling
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the fan when used with one of our starters
• CE tested

Documents & Downloads

Documents & Downloads

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Aluminium Airspear Fan

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