Cereal-iously Excited for the Cereals 2021 Show

We have had a busy month at the Plug&Cool headquarters. Preparing stock for the harvest, launched a new website, and now we are getting ready for Cereals 2021.

Forget about Christmas, Cereals is our favourite time of year. After it was cancelled in 2020, we were pretty disappointed. But it gave us the opportunity to make some changes to our stand, so it is bigger and better than before. Not only have we redeveloped the stand, but we also have a brand-new product to unveil.

Unveiling the New Pedestals

We are proud to launch our brand-new, exclusive, Plug&Cool pedestals. We redesigned them earlier this year, and we took that opportunity to enhance them. Not just changing the colour to orange, but also improving the overall pedestal.

• 1.5 meters tall, an increase of 0.3m from our classic green pedestal.
• An extra 50 slots – as grain is being piled higher than ever in stores, we knew we needed to increase airflow.
• Sturdier – we had feedback from farmers to say they wanted to make grain loading easier, so we made the pedestals more sturdy.

New Features on the Stand

We have remodelled some of our stand. We wanted to refresh the feel of it to better reflect our new products and website.

On top of redesigning the stand we have made it bigger, so you will be able to spread out from other customers at the show. We wanted everyone to be able to comfortably socially distance.

We have made sure we are covid secure, we have antibacterial gel ready. We will be making quotes and taking details on tablets, so you won’t need to use a pen while on our stand. We will also have masks available, if you would like one just ask one of our friendly members of staff.

See You There!

Above all, we are so excited to be able to see our customers face to face. We love chatting to farmers, seeing what is happening in the industry, and the buzz of Cereals 2021.

So come to stand 920 to look at our new pedestals and stand features – we are looking forward to seeing you there. Fingers crossed the weather is nice!

Not planning on going to Cereals this year?

Check out our online shop for bundles, deals and next-day delivery on most product lines.

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