10 Reasons to Buy Plastic

It’s time for an unpopular opinion – sometimes it is more environmentally friendly to buy plastic.
We aren’t talking single-use, throw-away plastic here. Our polypropylene bases are hard-wearing and will keep you going for years.

Plastic vs Metal

We had the chance to redesign our pedestals recently, and when we are thinking of ways to improve them, we had to weigh up our options of whether we remain with plastic or go with metal.
While metal certainly has its benefits, it tends to buckle when it gets knocked by a digger bucket. This means the driver needs to be more careful when unloading the grain, which can be a hassle when you need to get the crop offsite.
Metal also rusts, contaminating surrounding grain and stopping the air from flowing as smoothly as it needs to. This is why when we redesigned our pedestals we stuck with plastic.

New Design

When we got the opportunity to improve our pedestals this year, we thought a lot about what our customers had told us. We had never had any complaints about our previous model, but we wanted to make sure they were the perfect product.
We made them larger, so they have a bigger reach. We standardised the slots, for maximum airflow. And as a result, they are heavier and more sturdy – but still light enough to move around the store yourself.

10 Reasons Plastic is Perfect for Pedestals.

1. No buckling
2. No rusting
3. Easy to clean
4. Hard wearing
5. Sturdy
6. High airflow
7. Longer slots for stronger airflow
8. Two lengths to choose from
9. Competitively priced
10. Long-lasting, you can use them year on year

There are dozens of reasons to try our new and improved polypropylene pedestals.

If you would like more information on our pedestals and to buy online, check out its page here.
If you want to speak to a salesperson, use the chatbox on the lower right side of this page

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